Souled Out Student Ministries is a group of 6th-12th graders from multiple backgrounds including public school, private school and homeschooled - both Christ-followers and the undecided. We worship God with singing, teach the truth of scripture, discuss serious topics, serve in various ways and have fun together. Life transforming discipleship is our goal as we forge relationships with students in order to love them & lead them to genuinely follow Christ themselves.

• 10:00am - gather with the rest of the Northwood family to worship together
• 6:30-8:00pm (6:30-8:30 in summer) - Youth Group in "The Living Room" (main building)
Special Events (whole group or small/discipleship group based):
• Announced in youth meetings and through through discipleship groups

As students arrive at our living room-inspired meeting space (hence the name "The Living Room") they might grab a provided snack and drink, chat with other students and leaders, play some foosball or Nintendo. Our meetings usually begin with some sort of simple crowd mixer type of game, then announcements and praying for the persecuted church around the world. Every few weeks we replace the game with a time of singing worship to the Lord. By about 7pm we begin the teaching time. While we also teach topically, our regular approach is inductive Bible study. We read scripture together and ask a series of questions helping students process, understand and apply what we’re reading. At about 7:30 we break into smaller groups (determined loosely by grade) for more personal discussion and application of the passage and to pray for one another. In the summer we get a little extra time to do these things and hang out together.


Impact 360 Institute is an organization that provides Biblical Worldview training and experiences in a variety of ways.  They have also partnered with the Barna Group to research more about "Gen Z" - the students we are ministering to right now.  They also host a media page on their website with loads on information about Gen Z, worldview issues and apologetics you and your students may find helpful.

"The Fuller Youth Institute turns academic research into practical resources to help make the church the best place for young people to grow.  They have produced several resources for parents and churches to better understand, relate to, and equip teenagers to follow Jesus all their lives.  We would encourage parents to explore their tremendous information as well.  This includes several free online resources (click the logo above) and the two books for parents below.

The Culture Translator from Axis is a free email newsletter that includes insight into the current trends of constantly changing youth culture.  They cover everything from the ideas and media influencing teens to their feelings about life, the world, and communication that older generations tend to be unaware of.  We strongly encourage parents to sign up for these insights, but you should also know that they frequently try to sell their other materials and their approach to certain topics does not always align with ours.  Axis also hosts free online parenting seminars that include several sessions of helpful content.

"In Age of Opportunity, Paul David Tripp reveals what Scripture has to say about parenting. Instead of trying to control behavior, God gives us the opportunity to expose our child's heart.This material very much mirrors the heart of youth ministry which is intended to come alongside parents for the discipleship of their kids. Check out the material with a playlist of video previews on YouTube!


Challenge Conference is the biennial EFCA youth conference we have been attending since 2006. It’s a great week of worship, challenging speakers, training, service/outreach, and fun!

We have served with Crisis Response in several places for many summers now. This practical outreach of the EFCA goes into disaster areas to mobilize teams to serve & love people in crisis both nationally and globally.

Open Doors is a community of Christians who support persecuted believers in more than 60 countries.  We pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters every week using the Open Doors PRAY app.

Souled Out Student Ministry exists to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by reaching students who don’t know Him with the gospel, and equipping students who are born again to be disciple makers who love, serve and live for Jesus all their lives.


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